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Nominated by the NRA Nominating Committee. NRA Benefactor Member and Life Member since 1984. Lifetime shooter, hunter, and outdoor enthusiast.

As a member of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, promoted the establishment of 5 new public ranges in Arizona, lobbied the Arizona Legislature for passage of laws allowing suppressors and high capacity magazines for hunting. (Operated as Chairman of the AZGFD Commission in 2015-16).

Testified before Congress, representing the State of Arizona on wildlife issues that required the USFWS to honor mitigation requirements.  Promoted the AZ Game and Fish Expo, highlighting the shooting sports and conservation with attendance over 35,000 yearly, targeting youth recruitment and retention.

As a school principal, implemented the Eddie Eagle Program. Received the Honorary Life Member status in the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies for lifelong contributions to conservation. Outspoken advocate for the Second Amendment promoting pro 2A local and AZ candidates.

Public school superintendent, CEO of a Federal Credit Union, City councilman, and hospital board member.  Member of NSSF, AZ Citizens Defense League, NFA Freedom Alliance, FFL for 40 years and current FFL/NFA manufacturer, Gunsite Graduate.

And some fun facts about me – I am an NFA Collector, 3000 hour pilot instrument rated, married with two children and three grandchildren.


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NRA 2017 Election

Every year, voting members of the National Rifle Association (those with 5 or more years of consecutive membership and those with Life or higher-level memberships) are asked to participate in the governance of their organization by voting for a third of their 76-member board of directors.

Eligibility—Life, benefactor, and members who have been members for five (5) consecutive years may vote.

Ballots—Your ballot will arrive in the 3rd week of January in issues of NRA publications (print and electronic) if you are eligible to vote.

Candidates—The 2017 election candidates numbers is TBD. The ballot 2016 election had forty-one (41) candidates.

Voting—Each voter may vote for up to twenty-five (25) candidates. You do not have to vote for all twenty-five (25). You may vote for as as few as one (1).  A single vote for me increases my chances.

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